Sistems RTLS

Indoor Location Based Systems (RTLS) are used to locate and identify objects or people within an area or building in real time. Allowing to manage the gauging automatically, for example.

Sistems RTLS

The technologies used in each case determine the scope and accuracy of the localization.
Depending on the scenario and type of application, Ingeniatic can implement the most appropriate technology.
Among its many advantages, we can list the following:

Real Time Asset Tracking

  • Increase the use and occupation of instruments and equipment.
  • Generation and collection of high value-added data that enable managers to make investment and resource allocation decisions.
  • Locate specific caregivers or residents.
  • Historical record of your movements.
  • Track the location of wheelchairs, beds, and key equipment. Easily locate the nearest critical equipment, e.g., defibrillators.

Safety and Security

  • We create a safe workplace by implementing access control for persons of interest to secure areas.
  • Receive notifications with location-specific indicators when a resident or staff member presses a panic button.
  • Receive alerts when a resident or staff member enters or leaves a specific area (Geofencing).
  • Analyze detailed security reports on the use of panic events and geofencing rules.

Indoor & Outdoor Navigation

  • Help staff, residents and family members navigate facilities with mobile orientation and location-based content.
  • Environmental Condition Monitoring.
  • Obtain real-time temperature, light and humidity data from sleeping rooms, storage rooms and areas of interest.
  • Control the temperature of rooms where blood samples and pharmaceutical products are collected.