WebApps Development

WebApps Development We are professionals in the development of web applications of all types and for any field or industry. More than 8 years of experience in the sector and numerous success stories endorse us.

We develop all kinds of technological web platforms, which have proven to help our clients make their production processes more efficient.

Today, having your own centralized web platform with all the information and business logic in a private cloud is a necessity for any type of company, in any sector. Not having it, therefore, represents a significant competitive disadvantage in the current scenario.

Among its many advantages, we can

  • Ubiquitous and immediate access to all information and data relevant to the company, always available on the web, from any type of device (smartphone, tablet, PC, etc.).
  • Real-time monitoring of the performance of any production process, perhaps through IoT (Internet of Things) devices or through the heterogeneous connection of any other data-generating device.
  • The centralization of the business logic and therefore, the possibility of making decisions also in real time on any area or process within the company.
  • Advanced analysis of available data for continuous process improvement and optimization.

Our web solutions are based on the integration of technologies, combining the advantages of all of them depending on the specific application. At Ingeniatic we use a very robust and mature proprietary technology stack, with which we have already successfully integrated:

/ Blockchain technology

/Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms

/Heterogeneous data sources on request

/Business Intelligence (BI) Algorithms

/Connectors with ERPs and CMSs

/Voice and messaging services