En este proyecto, se lleva a cabo el diseño, implementación y evaluación de una solución especializada en el manejo de agua residencial mediante el desarrollo y conexión de “smart water meter devices”(contadores de agua inteligentes), integrados en una arquitectura IoT mixta LoRa-Sigfox.

The developed IoT smart meter, unlike similar products, not only performs the function of tele-reading, it is also able to carry out tele-control over adjacent devices such as a solenoid valve. The minimum number of components possible and of reduced cost have been used, responding to the needs of simplicity and economy. The use of a high-level interpreted language for programming facilitates customization.

A case study of the system has been conducted by collecting water consumption data from a set of 11 different buildings located at sites with different coverage levels. From the results obtained in this deployment it is possible to conclude in general terms that:

  • The proposed solutions ensure a 100% acquisition rate, making it possible to avoid the need for the distribution company’s personnel to travel monthly to collect the measurements of each water meter, being their action only necessary in specific cases or in situations of periodic review to confirm the correct operation of the acquisition devices.
  • Finally, it would allow the distribution company to have a greater number of measurements on which “Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence” techniques could be applied to estimate users’ consumption habits and forecast future consumption peaks, improving the company’s distribution network maintenance and expansion strategies.