PLIA (Interactive Platform for the Promotion of Reading)

The objectives were: to systematize the reading work, to establish a shared evaluation strategy in the classroom, to create an instrument to collect parameters to support the users, to offer an analysis of the evolution of their metacognitive development as readers.

PLIA has been evaluated with a sample of 200 users of Primary and Secondary Education during a school year, obtaining as a result an improvement trend of 50% in terms of comprehension, speed and reading action, since the number of readings per quarter has increased by 80% due to the high degree of motivation of the users with this tool and to the fact that they have been able to know throughout the reading process what their results were and what needed to be improved.

This new system encourages reading by digitizing the reading work. Involves the family in the learning process of their children. It offers a point of joint reflection between students, teachers and families to establish learning objectives and strategies, self-evaluation and co-evaluation. Assists the faculty in making joint decisions to develop the Center’s linguistic project.