AvIoT - Technical Alarm

AvIoT is a system for detecting and notifying electrical or environmental incidents in real time.

It consists of hardware equipment that monitors the installation and a Cloud Platform that manages and notifies users of incidents.

Alarms can be notified by mail or telephone call.

For call management, AvIoT incorporates a CRA (Alarm Receiving Center) in the cloud, which generates calls to the assigned phone numbers, informing by locution the type of alarm, location and importance.

You can download the Application for your cell phone from the following links:

Download on Google Play
Download from the App Store

You can access the platform demo with the following credentials:

User: demo@aviot.com

Password: demo2022

Platform Access

The most distinguishing features of the AvIoT System are:

  • Multi-operator IoT communication.
  • Backup connection via Wi-Fi.
  • Lithium battery with 5 hours autonomy.
  • Disconnection alarm.
  • Three-phase power failure alarm.
  • Generating set activation alarm.
  • Environmental sensor alarm (Temperature, Humidity)
  • Alarm of environmental sensors (Temperature, Automatic call system in the cloud, etc.).
  • Record of calls made and answered.
  • Mobile App for Android / Apple.
  • Control panel with configurable permissions.