AlaiIoTSummit2023 An Innovation Milestone with AvIoT

Last November 22, Ingeniatic Desarrollo had the honor of participating in the IoT Summit in Madrid, an event that brings together the main players in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 sector. This meeting not only stood out for its relevance in the technological field, but also for being a space for innovation and collaboration.

The IoT Summit has established itself as an essential forum for professionals and companies leading the digital transformation. During the event, crucial topics such as IoT security, the integration of new technologies in industrial processes, and the future of smart connectivity were discussed.

Ingeniatic Desarrollo stood out with the presentation of its latest development: the AvIoT Technical Alarm. This device is not just a product, but a reflection of our vision of innovation and commitment to safety in Industry 4.0. Its advanced design and adaptive functionalities position it as a reference in the sector.

Participating in the IoT Summit was an enriching experience. It not only reaffirmed our position as a leader in the development of IoT solutions, but also allowed us to exchange ideas and perspectives with other innovators in the industry. The interactions and feedback received are essential to continue improving and adapting our solutions to the needs of the market.

With products such as the AvIoT Technical Alarm, we remain committed to offering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet today's demands, but also anticipate the future needs of Industry 4.0 and IoT.

AvIoT presents its revolutionary monitoring system for animal transport trucks

Animal Welfare in Transportation

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the welfare of animals raised for consumption, it is important for companies to ensure they provide the best possible living conditions for their animals. A key aspect of this is ensuring that animals are transported in a way that minimizes stress and discomfort.

AvIoT offers a monitoring system that records CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity in transport trucks to ensure that animals are transported under optimal conditions. It has been demonstrated that this system significantly improves animal welfare during transportation, resulting in healthier animals and higher-quality meat products.

Importance of monitoring CO2, temperature, and humidity in transport trucks:

Transportation is a stressful experience for animals, and it is important to ensure that they are transported in a way that minimizes this stress as much as possible. A key factor in this is the monitoring of CO2 levels in the truck. When CO2 levels rise too high, animals can experience discomfort, stress, and even death in extreme cases. Temperature and humidity are also important factors to control, as animals can become dehydrated or overheat when transported under poor conditions.

By monitoring these factors, companies can ensure that animals are transported under optimal conditions, reducing stress and improving overall health. This can result in higher-quality meat products and increase customer satisfaction.

The impact of poor air quality on animal welfare.

Poor air quality can have a significant impact on animal welfare during transportation. When CO2 levels are too high, animals can become stressed, agitated, and even die. High temperatures and humidity can also cause discomfort, dehydration, and other health issues.

In addition to the immediate impact on animal welfare, poor air quality can also have long-term effects on animal health. This can lead to decreased productivity and lower-quality meat products, which can have a significant impact on the financial performance of a company.

By monitoring these factors and ensuring that animals are transported under optimal conditions, companies can improve animal welfare and the quality of their meat products.

Benefits of the AvIoT monitoring system for animal welfare:

The AvIoT monitoring system offers several benefits for companies seeking to improve animal welfare during transportation. By monitoring CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity in real-time, the system helps ensure that animals are transported under optimal conditions. This translates to healthier animals, higher-quality meat products, and increased customer satisfaction.

In addition to these benefits, the AvIoT system can also help companies reduce their environmental impact. By reducing the amount of CO2 produced during transportation, companies can contribute to decreasing their carbon footprint and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Ingeniatic, the technology company from Cartagena that locates in real time where GPS cannot reach

They say that mothers find everything, although that usually happens when you search without haste and in controlled and known spaces. But sometimes, wasting a minute looking for an object can be very expensive. This occurs, for example, when a portable medical device is needed in a particular hospital roomin an emergency situation. For these cases, the Cartagena-based company Ingeniatic Desarrollo S.L. has created the ‘Sense4Location’ system, which makes it possible to locate objects and people in real time in places where GPS technology is unable to operate.

On the one hand, ‘readers’ are placed on the people or objects to be located and, on the other hand, devices that allow ‘tracking’ to be carried out and the location to be known. In this way, it is possible to know, for example, in which room or ward is a portable X-ray machine located in a hospital without having to ask questions or go searching. An example that illustrates the importance of the development of this system and that explains Diego García Sánchez, Chief Technology Officer of the company.

Using both Bluetooth and other technologies, we can locate people and objects in real time,” Garcia clarifies. For this purpose, these ‘readers’ are placed on stickers (such as clothing alarms), bracelets or small chips included in workers’ identification cards. Receivers are then placed to receive these signals and localization can begin.

In the case of people, this technology is very useful for processes such as capacity control, which has become so important with the pandemic, notes the Ingeniatic executive. In the company, it is possible to know where employees are located. And beyond the control of the workforce, Garcia clarifies that the tool is very powerful in terms of avoiding occupational hazards. In addition, “it doesn’t have to go with the worker’s name, but simply with the type of work he or she performs,” specifies Garcia. In this way it can be avoided that a welder and a welder handling explosive substances do not meet in the same area.

Ingeniatic is composed of UPCT alumni and is dedicated, in general terms, to the business development of products and services for the connected industry. They also carry out research projects, but always with the aim of commercialization.

Production control and failure prediction

In addition to locating objects and people, another of Ingeniatic Desarrollo’s achievements is based on preventing production loss by monitoring indicators. For example, plant greenhouses or animal breeding farms “require specific humidity or temperature parameters and, if they are lost due to a failure, it can be a disaster,” analyzes the company’s Technology Director.

To prevent this, sensors are installed which, when they detect a fault, warn the workers. “The platform can take over a phone list, and it calls every single person in the company until someone goes to solve the problem,” Garcia confesses.

The technology of the Cartagena-based company’s professionals can even predict and replace parts before they break. How? “A sensor is placed in motors, which detects when there are abnormal vibrations, which are usually a sign that something is not working properly. So the part is replaced before it breaks,” says García, thus avoiding the need to stop production, which usually entails significant costs for the industry.


RFID solutions in waste management

On November 3, Ingeniatic participated in the conference organized by Cetenma “THE INDUSTRY 4.0 OF WASTE AND THE WATER CYCLE”, our talk was part of the activity IoT implementation in waste management.

The topics discussed were the existing RFID technologies, how to apply these technologies to waste management and some recommendations for both hardware and software necessary for its proper implementation.

In the following link you can download the complete presentation.

Program RIS3MUR covid-19

Program RIS3MUR COVID-19

Project Name: FARMIOT – CONNECTED FARMS 2020.08.



Sensors for critical infrastructures with IoT

Quinta DEMO 4.0 with @Ingeniatic_ “SENSORS FOR CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE WITH IOT” @Ceeict together with @infoRMurcia and agoradih in collaboration @COEC_es , @fremm_es and#AEMIN.

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After the success of the fifth demo led by ourCTO Diego García Sánchez, we would like to thank all those who attended in person and virtually.

The event took placelive broadcast open to ALL the public through ZOOM, the last 5 de Octubre de 2021.