AlaiIoTSummit2023 An Innovation Milestone with AvIoT

Last November 22, Ingeniatic Desarrollo had the honor of participating in the IoT Summit in Madrid, an event that brings together the main players in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 sector. This meeting not only stood out for its relevance in the technological field, but also for being a space for innovation and collaboration.

The IoT Summit has established itself as an essential forum for professionals and companies leading the digital transformation. During the event, crucial topics such as IoT security, the integration of new technologies in industrial processes, and the future of smart connectivity were discussed.

Ingeniatic Desarrollo stood out with the presentation of its latest development: the AvIoT Technical Alarm. This device is not just a product, but a reflection of our vision of innovation and commitment to safety in Industry 4.0. Its advanced design and adaptive functionalities position it as a reference in the sector.

Participating in the IoT Summit was an enriching experience. It not only reaffirmed our position as a leader in the development of IoT solutions, but also allowed us to exchange ideas and perspectives with other innovators in the industry. The interactions and feedback received are essential to continue improving and adapting our solutions to the needs of the market.

With products such as the AvIoT Technical Alarm, we remain committed to offering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet today’s demands, but also anticipate the future needs of Industry 4.0 and IoT.