About us

Ingeniatic was born in 2011 with the intention of driving companies in their digital and technological transformation career, providing the necessary tools to keep them updated within the framework of globalization and competitiveness.

We are an effective multidisciplinary team. Our philosophy is based on high qualification and excellence. We enjoy a nationally consolidated reputation backed by our quality seals and more than 500 satisfied customers.

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Seals and certifications obtained

Thanks to our spirit of constant innovation and continuous quality improvement in order to offer our best service to our customers, we are proud that Ingeniatic has achieved the following quality seals and certifications:

Innovative SME seal of the Ministry of Science and Innovation (https://sede.micinn.gob.es/pyiINFO/findPyi.mec?nif=B30861728).

Innovative Technology-Based Company Seal, awarded by ANCES (National Association of Spanish CEEIs).

We are part of the catalog of Industry 4.0 enabling companies of the Instituto de Fomento de Murcia (http://www.murciaindustria40.es/murciaindustria40-app/).

Collaborators of the “Acelera Pyme” program (https://www.acelerapyme.gob.es/) as collaborators in digital transformation solutions.

Finalist in 2015 to the Business Innovation Awards in the Design category granted every two years by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Enterprise and Innovation through the Instituto de Fomento del Gobierno de la Región de Murcia(https://www.laverdad.es/murcia/ 201502/16/quince-empresas-optan-premios-20150216004450-v.html).

We are part of Centic (Centro Tecnológico de las Tecnologías de las Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones de la Región de Murcia).

Finalist in 2014 of the Emprendedor XXI Awards of la Caixa (https://www.20minutos.es/noticia/2142125/0/)

Company certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as category F (Registration No. 11697).

  • Installations of new generation telecommunication infrastructures and telecommunication networks for control, management and security in buildings or groups of buildings.
  • Finalist in 2014 for the That’s my LED award, given by the Italian Lighting Manufacturers Association, for a Smart Lighting System prototype.