Real-time interaction

With CADI, all user activity (questions, surveys, questionnaires, etc.) are available in real time.

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Media Server

With CADI, any multimedia resoure (audio, video, documents, etc.) can be shared with the audience. In real time.

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Independent WiFi network

CADI is Plug & Play. The system displays its own WiFi network and NO Internet connection is required by anyone.

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Innovative image

By integrating such an innovative tool as CADI, their customers will positively value you.

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A unified and standalone solution

The communications platform that allows the easy interaction of the audience through their own mobile WiFi devices

So far, in any event where the interaction with the audience was required, there was the need of a costly installation of fixed microphones, hostess assistances with wireless microphones, etc. In most cases, the audience was conformed without intervening, resulting in the event quality reduction...

CADI system uses WiFi technology to "convert" the mobile device of each attendee in a powerful tool to promote interaction. So, among many other functions, attendees can send written messages, take votes, respond to polls, record reviews and so on, in turn visualizing the results immediately in each case in their own WiFi devices.

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